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  • A new civil service: the European model of good governance for Ukraine

     New Civil Service: European Model of Good Governance for Ukraine The Association Agreement with the European Union, concluded on June 27 and ratified on September 16, 2014, provides for large-scale institutional and structural reforms in line with the established framework. The consistent and effective implementation of the Association Agreement between Ukraine and the EU should create a solid basis for the further sustainable political and economic development of our country, to become the basis for a strategy for reforming all key areas of public administration and the implementation of European standards in order to improve the quality of life of the population. Effective public administration involves the ability of the state to provide administrative services and ensure its economic growth…

    According to paragraph 3of the Procedure for the Preparation and Implementation of Twinning projects in Ukraine approved by the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine on February 7, 2007 № 154, National Agency of Ukraine on Civil Service informs government authorities regarding the possibilities of involvement of EU technical assistance under the Twinning instrument. The priority spheres of Ukraine-EU cooperation foreseen bilateral assistance from the EU in 2016: Public Administration Reform (PAR) Public Finance Management including tax and customs Energy efficiency Rule of Law including judicial and fight against corruption Technical Co-operation Facility (TCF) Human rights/ IDPs Twinning Project proposals should be prepared in English and Ukrainian languages in accordance with the specified priority spheres. Deadline for submission…
  • Civil Service publication

    Scientifically practical journal "Publication of Civil Service of Ukraine" was founded in 1995 to promote scientific, legal, methodological and other information concerning the operation and development of the civil service in the context of European integration of Ukraine.

The efficiency of public services through the increasing the professionalism of civil servants

 The efficiency of public services through the increasing the professionalism of civil servants Motto: The efficiency is the foundation of success. (J. MAXWELL) The image of each state is determined directly by the quality of public services provided by the structural entities of public administration, because whereas the latter represent "the system of social organization", achieving the values that express the general interest of the society.


In your opinion, what means is the most effective in fighting corruption?
transparency and openness of government - 0%
strengthening criminal responsibility - 0%
Introduction of codes of ethics - 0%
proper regulation of conflict of interests - 50%
legal education of citizens - 0%
public control over government activities - 50%
increasing salaries for civil servants - 0%
minimizing personal contacts with government officials - 0%
increasing requirements to candidates for civil service positions - 0%
preventive measures - 0%
nothing of the above - 0%
no means are effective in fighting corruption - 0%

Total votes: 2
The voting for this poll has ended on: 31 Aug 2016 - 00:00