Professional education

The Government approved the Concept for Further Reform of the Professional Training System of Civil Servants, Local Self-Government Officials and Local Council Deputies

Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine of 01.12.2017 No. 974-r "On Approval of the Concept of Reforming the System of Professional Training of Civil Servants, Chiefs of Local State Administrations, their First Deputies and Deputies, Local Government Officials and Deputies of Local Councils"

Implementation of structural reforms in Ukraine, in particular public administration, civil service, local self-government and territorial organization of the government, requires a high level of professional competency and professional development of civil servants, local government officials and local council deputies as integral parts of human resources management in the field of civil service and services in local self-government bodies.

The Government's Resolution will promote the creation of a modern, holistic, mobile and flexible professional training system of these categories of people with well-developed infrastructure, efficient management and appropriate resource potential.

Mentioned also facilitate implementation of the main powers of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine in improving governance, including the implementation of measures for staffing state executive bodies to improve their performance, as well as one of the key provisions of the Government Action Plan for 2017.