Public Governance Committee

According to the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine “On Procedure of the Participation of Central Executive Authorities in the Activities of International Organizations, where Ukraine is one of the Member States” as of 13.09.2002 No 1371 the National Agency of Ukraine on Civil Service is the central executive authority, responsible for fulfilling the obligations, including financial, which are arising from Ukraine’s membership in the OECD Public Governance Committee (PGC). Since 2008 the NAUCS has been taking part in the PGC as a permanent observer.

The PGC helps countries strengthen their capacity to govern by improving policy-making systems and the performance of public institutions.

Through meetings of member country officials and experts, exchanges of information and expertise, and data and analysis, PGC examines what governments do and how they are seeking to improve public policy effectiveness, efficiency, responsiveness to citizens and quality of services.

By providing information, overseeing and directing the Secretariat’s work, the Committee gives strategic direction to the Organisation’s overall perspective on public governance, and how it can contribute to achieving the Organisations’ broader economic and social goals, Better Policies for Better Lives.

PGC Handbook

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