Interaction with the public

The Government approved the Communication Strategy on European Integration for 2018-2021

Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine of October 25, 2017 No. 779-r "On Approval of the Strategy of Communication in the Sphere of European Integration for 2018-2021"

The main goal of the Strategy is to establish in Ukraine conscious support for Ukraine's membership in the European Union, integration into the European economic, cultural and political space and to implement the process of internal reforms and transformations towards a more free, fair, democratic, successful and transparent society. Strategy defines communication goals and target audience.

It is anticipated that the Strategy will be implemented through joint efforts of public authorities, local governments, civil society and business institutions at the expense and within budget allocations foreseen by the central executive bodies, other state bodies for the relevant year, and other sources not prohibited by law. The Strategy may also involve financial capabilities of national and international business organizations, funds, NGOs, etc.