TAIEX seminar on studying the acquis communautaire (EU legislation)

On May, 29, 2009 Head of the MDCSU Tymofiy Motrenko opened the TAIEX seminar Overview of the EU and the acquis communautaire.

It is second and last day of the seminar.In the welcome Tymofiy Motrenko remembered that using institution building instrument TAIEX in the government of Ukraine and become important after signing in February, 2005 EU-Ukraine Action Plan. Now the MDCSU has a possibility to became a beneficiary of EU aid and on own experience evaluate advantages and weaknesses of this instrument. The TAIEX instrument supports European integration intentions of Ukraine, implementation of urgent events for acceleration the reforms. Before today in Ukraine it was no one TAIEX seminar on regional level – noticed Head the MDCSU "Today's seminar will let you not only to receive the basic knowledge about EU, but to put right communication between Central Executive Authorities and Local State Administrations on TAIEX instrument using" – accentuated Mr. Tymofiy Motrenko. Also welcome has the leader of Ukrainian-European Policy and Legal Advice Centre Jolanta Taczynska and Deputy Head of the State Department of Ukraine for Legislation Approximation of Ministry of Justice of Ukraine Taras Kachka. Jolanta Taczynska noticed: "We are proud of possibility to support civil service. We see the necessity of using the generally recognized terms of EU". The moderator of the seminar was Tatiana Kovtun, the Director of the Center for Adaptation of Civil Service to the Standards of European Union.  In the seminar took part the officials of the central apparatus of the MDCSU, contact persons on TAIEX implementation in Central Executive Authorities, Center for Adaptation of Civil Service to the Standards of European Union, Civil Service High Corp School, Heads of regional branches of MDCSU, personal departments of Council of Ministers of the AutonomousRepublic of Crimea, of oblasts, Kyiv and Sebastopol City State Administrations. During the seminar international experts has the presentation:-         Evolution of the European Union integration process; the European Union’s structure and perspectives of its further development-         The EU institutional structure and decision-making process-         General principles of the EU legal order-         Approximation of the national legislation to the EU standards: successes, difficulties and failures -         Sources of law of the European Union-         Searching information on the EU related matters



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