About Center

The Center for Adaptation of the Civil Service to the Standards of the European Union is a state institution under the authority of the NAUCS.

The Center was established by the resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine as of April 14, 2004 № 485 as the Center for Support of the Civil Service Institutional Development under the Main Department of the Civil Service of Ukraine (now – NAUCS).

By the resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine of June 04, 2008 № 528 the Center for Support of the Civil Service Institutional Development was renamed to the Center for Adaptation of the Civil Service to the Standards of the European Union.

Today, the Center is a leading professional and competent public institution with a strong potential and 18 years of experience in cooperation with the EU and international organizations, programmes and projects (including, with EUAM, Hanns Seidel Foundation Representative Office in Ukraine, UN Women Ukraine, DECIDE, Natolin4CapacityBuilding, EU4PAR, U-LEAD, PDP, SIGMA, CIDS, PROTECT, Project «European Union for gender equality: reform service» and others), institutional development, conducting expert analytical research and functional surveys, implementation of various instruments to improve organizational processes (including quality management tools) as well as the organization and conduct of educational and communication activities for the government authorities and local self-government authorities.

The Center serves as Twinning Programme Administration Office which was established to inform government authorities about the possibility of using the institutional building instruments Twinning and TAIEX and coordinate the process of their implementation. The Center is a national provider and coordinator of:

1) EU’s Twinning and TAIEX instruments:

  • Twinning – is an instrument for institutional development, within the framework of which there is a cooperation at the level of civil servants and similar government authorities of the EU and Ukraine.
  • As of 01 March 2022:56 Twinning projects are completed, 4 projects are at the stage of implementation, 16 projects are at the stage of preparation of the Twinning Fiche. The total number of Twinning projects are 76.
  • TAIEX – isa technical assistance and information exchange instrument provided to develop the institutional capacity, approximation and implementation of national legislation in EU legislation.

In 2022, Twinning Programme Administration Office processed proposals submitted by government authorities and included 151 proposals in the European Commission’s external aid plan within the framework of TAIEX for 2022 from 43 government authorities of Ukraine;

2) Cooperation with ОЕСD/SIGMA (Support for Improvement in Governance and Management), one of the EU’s most prestigious think tanks, which was established to strengthen the foundations of public administration and improve the process of development and implementation of public administration reform.

The Center ensures coordination of the SIGMA Work Programme for the respective years, coordination of the SIGMA technical tasks with interested parties, and organization and implementation of a number of events to discuss public administration reform.

Since 2011, NAUCS has been actively involved in the activities of the Working Group (Panel) «Governance and Public Administration Reform» of Thematic Platform 1 «Strengthening Institutions and Good Governance» of the EU initiative «Eastern Partnership» (hereinafter – the Working Panel), including permanent participation in the Working Panel meetings and events organized by the EU initiative «Eastern Partnership». Since 2012, Ukraine has been a leading country in the field of «Effective management of technical assistance».

Since 2013, in the framework of cooperation with the EU initiative «Eastern Partnership» the Center has organized 20 communication events and prepared 5 information-analytical and methodological materials on civil service reform and its adaptation to the standards of the EU.

In addition, the Center is actively involved in the implementation of tasks and activities in the field of Euro-Atlantic integration policy on strengthening the institutional capacity of the government authorities responsible for cooperation with NATO and increasing the level of professional competence of civil servants and local self-government officials on Euro-Atlantic integration by:

  • conducting functional surveys of government authorities on existing institutional capacities in the field of Euro-Atlantic integration;
  • determining the quantitative and qualitative needs of government authorities in specialists in Euro-Atlantic integration;
  • development of training programmes on Euro-Atlantic integration;
  • preparation of proposals for annual national programmes under the auspices of the NATO-Ukraine Commission and the Communication Strategy on Ukraine’s Euro-Atlantic integration until 2025.

At the same time, the Center coordinates the NATO-Ukraine Programme for the professional development of civilian staff in the security and defense sector, which aims to provide training for civilian specialists in security and defense structures, as well as the implementation of key reforms.

The Center is also responsible for coordinating the implementation of state gender policy in the field of civil service. In particular, by analyzing the state of gender equality in the civil service, the inclusion of relevant topics in the system of professional training of civil servants and local self-government officials.

In particular, in 2020, together with the UN Women’s project «Gender Equality at the Center of Reforms, Peace and Security», a general short-term training programme «Gender Approach to Human Resource Management in the Civil Service» was developed (order of NAUCS as of November 25, 2020 № 219-20) for civil servants of central executive authorities and representatives of the institutions of higher education, conducting master’s degree training in the field of «Public Administration». During 2020-2021, 425 civil servants were trained under the above-mentioned programme.

Also in 2021, together with the UN Women Ukraine, a general short-term training programme «Prevention and Counteraction to Sexual Harassment in the Workplace» (order of NAUCS as of December 03, 2021 № 185-21) was developed and an online training course «Prevention and Counteraction to Sexual Harassment in the Workplace» was launched for civil servants and local self-government officials. The course is publicly available and posted on e-learning platform of the Ukrainian School of Governance.

At the same time, the Center is a platform of expert-analytical knowledge and competencies in the following areas:

1) adaptation of public administration and civil service to the standards of the EU, in particular by organizing work on the effective use of institutional building instruments in Ukraine;

2) qualitative expert-analytical research and decisions on:

  • European and Euro-Atlantic integration;
  • ensuring equal rights and opportunities for women and men;

3) improvement of the standards and procedures of civil servants, the activities of government and local self-government authorities etc.:

  • development of new legislation in the field of civil service;
  • methodological and consultative support for the functional surveys conducted by the central executive authorities;
  • establishment of a survey of the quality management system of ministries and other central executive authorities;
  • improving the level of professional competencies of civil servants and local self-government officials and other specialists;
  • development and publication of analytical and informational publications in order to disseminate new ideas and best practices, etc.

In addition, in 2019 Ukraine received observer status in the Working Group of National Correspondence of CAF of the European Public Administration Network (EUPAN), and the Center and its elected members received the status of the Ukrainian National Resource Center of CAF and national correspondents.

Ukraine became the first and so far the only among EU initiative «Eastern Partnership» countries which received such a status.

The observer status will enhance the implementation of SIGMA experts' recommendations, the implementation of public administration and civil service reform in Ukraine, and enable NAUCS to officially engage resources and implement the European quality management CAF model in Ukraine.

Taking into account the above, the Common Assessment Framework (CAF) has been implemented in Ukraine since 2019. In particular, in 2021 the online course «Raising Effectiveness and Quality Management in Public Administration and Local Self-Governance through Application of the Common Assessment Framework (CAF)» was developed.