The Working Meeting on Gender Policy Priorities was held at the Government House

On December 2, the Government House hosted a Working Meeting of Coordinators and Advisers on Equal Rights and Opportunities for Women and Men on Gender Policy Priorities.

With welcoming speech Deputy Prime Minister for European and Euro-Atlantic Integration Dmytro Kuleba referred to the meeting participants and outlined the priorities of the state gender policy.

Representatives of the ministries and other public authorities dealing with gender issues presented their achievements and outlined further steps towards the implementation objectives and activities of the state gender policy.

First Deputy Head of the Center for Adaptation of the Civil Service to the Standards of the European Union Yuliia Lykhach informed about the activities of NACS in the field of gender equality, and noted that further priorities are to ensure gender parity in the civil service, to improve the system of collecting gender disaggregated indicators, as well as enhancing the competences of civil servants in implementing gender policy.

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